Apple Intended To Launch iMessage On Android But Was Worried About Losing Users

Apr 29, 2021 News

Apple Intended To Launch iMessage On Android But Was Worried About Losing Users

On April 28, according to public testimony in the popular game 'Fortnite' developer Epic v. Apple, Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Apple's software and services department, wanted to Introduce Apple's messaging service iMessage to Google's Android system. Kuy said that he wanted to set up a team specifically to support iMessage compatible with the Android system but was opposed by other executives.

This situation is likely to play an essential role in the antitrust lawsuit filed by Epic. In the lawsuit, Epic believes that the exclusivity of the iOS app store is Apple's illegal use of market influence. Epic clearly stated in the previous document that the exclusivity of iMessage also falls into this category. The company quoted an email from Apple executive Phil Schiller in 2016, saying that the expansion of iMessage ‘does more harm to us than it helps.’


The latest testimony cited an email exchange between Kuy and Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, in 2013. At that time, there was news that Google had tried to acquire WhatsApp for $1 billion. Kuy regards this rumour as a signal that iMessage should expand to the Android system to strengthen Apple's control over instant messaging applications.

Kuy said in an email, ‘We need to introduce iMessage to Android. There are already a few people investigating this work, but we should go all out to make it a formal project. We want Google to replace the most important part of the mobile ecosystem. Is it one of the most popular apps? They have search, email, free videos, and the browser business is developing rapidly. We have the best messaging app, and we should make it the industry standard. I don't know how we can make money, but iMessage operating costs are not high.’

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