Apple, Intel Asking Trump To Change His Stance On WeChat Ban

Aug 14, 2020 App News

Apple, Intel Asking Trump To Change His Stance On WeChat Ban

WeChat is one of the biggest apps in the Chinese smartphone market, as the majority of Chinese smartphone users either use, or have heard about the popular app. Perhaps, it’s even a bigger deal in China than Facebook is globally. This is due to the immense versatility and functionality of the app, as it allows users to practically do anything they could think of. You can send messages to your loved ones and other contacts, you can even video call and set meetings. If you felt like ordering something online, then even that can be done from WeChat. This great deal of audience on the platform, and the wide array of services there is on the app, it’s obvious that the power the app developer - Tencent - holds is prominent. 

Now seeing the power that the app has, companies like Apple and Intel, and even non-tech ones like Disney are urging the US President Donald Trump to take back his statement about the potential ban on WeChat in the US. Trump has said that he’s going to ban the social media app due to its secret collection of private user data that China is using for malicious reasons. Tencent has cleared their side of the story and has proved itself innocent, though it’s unknown whether that stays true within China as well or not. 

Apple is particularly worried about ruining its relationship with WeChat, since it could seriously hurt the company’s sales, which are strongly driven through WeChat’s e-commerce network in China. It’s reported that Apple may lose about 30% of its sales if WeChat blocks all American companies from their service. It would also mean that any other service provided by Tencent, including major games like PUBG Mobile and CoD Mobile will be prohibited for the US audience.

If you have an Apple device, this would also mean that WeChat will no longer be available for you, and so you won’t be able to talk with any of your friends or family if Trump goes ahead with his decision to ban the service. Now it’s just a waiting game to see what happens, as both parties on either side are bound to face significant losses if the ban falls through. 

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