Apple Announces New iPhone 12 Mini - Here's What It Will Cost

Oct 13, 2020 News

Apple Announces New iPhone 12 Mini - Here's What It Will Cost

Apple had their big live event that was held today - as they gave us pretty much all the details we needed to know about the upcoming iPhones that will be released this year. We got to know everything from the performance, to the cameras and all the way to the pricing. It turns out that iPhone 12 isn’t going to be the only non-Pro model that Apple will be releasing this year -

 Enter the iPhone 12 Mini.

Apple announced the new iPhone 12 Mini in today’s epic live event, which was obviously held online due to the coronavirus complications worldwide. The phone seems like an amazing upper-mid range device which will definitely be one of the most popular models amongst all the new iPhones coming this year.

The new iPhone 12 is going to come with a ton of new features, as it will have a 6.1” display size, and of course the much awaited 5G from Apple. The iPhone 12 Mini is going to be a smaller version of the iPhone 12, with all the same features - and that’s in literal terms. The iPhone Mini is going to have the same features, the same chipset, the same screen quality - everything is going to be identical except for the phone size, as the Mini will come with a 5.4” display.

The iPhone 12 is going to set you back just $799, a price we expected to be lower than before due to the omission of the phone charger and earphones. The Mini variant will be a hundred dollars cheaper, coming in at $699 - a phone people will definitely love. There’s a lot more to talk about from the live event, so stay tuned for more news updates!

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