Apple Announced - It Will Launch A New Policy For Privacy Collection Permissions. Users Must Agree To Track Data

Apr 08, 2021 News

Apple Announced - It Will Launch A New Policy For Privacy Collection Permissions. Users Must Agree To Track Data

According to reports, on April 7, Apple announced that it would launch a new privacy collection and permission policy in the coming weeks. Companies like Facebook say that Apple's new policy will hurt advertising revenue.

According to Apple. In the next few weeks, a new iOS 14.5 will launch, and privacy collection and disclosure will be mandatory for software developers to implement. However, a specific date is not announced yet. Apple has not announced the exact date when the new version of the system will go live.

It is a one-time practice to require App vendors to collect and disclose users' privacy. In the future, when users install software, if the software contains the privacy of a particular iOS device user's Internet activities by "across multiple company software and websites", they must first obtain the user's consent. Some Internet advertising industry experts said that this warning message popped up by Apple's iOS system would prompt many users to refuse to provide permission.

Apple announced this privacy policy as early as last June. Still, in September, the company said it would postpone its launch to give the online advertising industry more time to adjust and adapt. Before Apple's new policy took effect, some software developers had "actively" popped up the permission mentioned above the window to consumers.

Apple has stated that it will provide alternative advertising tools before the privacy policy takes effect. One of these tools is to aim at buyers of "App Installed Advertising". After the advertising plan is completed, Apple will provide information such as how many people have completed the installation but will not disclose individual user details.

Another advertising tool provided by Apple is called "Internal Click Management". Advertisers will get statistics on how consumers click on advertisements in the software and how it redirects them to external web pages. Still, Apple also does not disclose personal privacy details.

Although the aforementioned online advertising tools are mainly provided to mobile software developers as advertisers, on Wednesday, Apple also added the content of these advertising tools to a privacy guide for iOS consumers.

In December last year, Facebook announced that it would pop up the aforementioned privacy window because it did not want Apple mobile phone users to say goodbye to Facebook's various social software.

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