Another Ubisoft Game Coming To Mobile Devices

Jul 14, 2020 Games

Another Ubisoft Game Coming To Mobile Devices

Over the years we’ve seen mobile gaming develop in ways never seen before. Before when mobile games were absolutely unplayable and there was a lack of good gaming titles, people would resort to console gaming ultimately and not even consider mobile devices as a medium of gaming. However, fast forward a few years, now mobile gaming could easily go head to head with previous gen consoles like the Xbox 360 or the PS3. Apart from that, even the gaming library has increased vastly now, with titles such as CoD Mobile and PUBG Mobile on smartphones, users have a great range of games to choose from nowadays.

Another console game that’s coming to mobile is Brawlhalla, a 2D fighting title made by popular game developer Ubisoft. The game contains over 50 different characters from other popular Ubisoft games, and even from games not made by Ubisoft - like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Currently, players can register for the game and when it finally releases, they will get a special skin inside the game.

It’s great to see console games coming to mobile devices, as it’s finally unleashing the full potential of the power in smartphones currently. We hope to keep seeing newer titles coming to smartphones, and developers trying to break into the smartphone market for games, as it’s certainly a profitable industry these days, and the likes of PUBG and CoD can serve as a good example for that.

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