Annoying Ads On Android And How To Disable Them

Jun 25, 2020 News

Annoying Ads On Android And How To Disable Them

Android smartphones are great, as they offer customizability and the element of option that iOS just deprives its users from. However, iOS is much more secure and doesn’t consist of ads like Android does, and that can be a huge issue down the line. Ads on Android phones can get irritating, inappropriate or even harmful to your mobile phones. We’ve listed down below two of the most common ads that users report on their phones, and easy ways to get rid of them.

Full-screen Ads

These ones are relatively easy to get rid of, and won’t cause you too many issues. When you do get a full-screen ad the next time you’re on your phone, all you have to do is open the multitasking bar where all your opened apps are shown, and above the full-screen ad, you’ll see the app’s name that’s generating the ad. Now you just need to open the app, and disable notifications. You can even go to your phone’s settings, and inside the Apps section, you can disable notifications completely for the specific app. Easy.

Google Chrome Ads

How many times has it happened where you’re just browsing through Chrome and opening different websites, and when you use your phone after a while, you find notifications from the browser in your notifications tab. That can be annoying, but luckily it’s not too hard to fix. Just head on to Chrome and click on the three dots at the top right of your screen. Then go to Site Settings > Notifications, and you’ll find the complete list of notifications that were sent to you by Chrome. From there, you can easily block the notifications so you never get them again.

Yes ads are important for developers and some companies to operate and make money to feed themselves. However, some ads are downright obtrusive and they can also harm your mobile device. With our tips, you can get rid of two of the most common ads you’ll find on your Android smartphone.

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