Android's Autofill Feature Will Now Appear In Your Keyboard

Aug 11, 2020 News

Android's Autofill Feature Will Now Appear In Your Keyboard

From the past few weeks and months, we’ve seen iOS copy and bring over a lot of the features we’ve grown accustomed to on the Android side of things. Now, it seems like Android might be bringing a feature from iOS to their side, as they finally look to upgrade the “Autofill Password” feature that’s been in the OS since Android Oreo 8.0 came out. Android is finally bringing the Autofill feature to where it makes the most sense - in the keyboard suggestion area, and it’s been a thing in iOS for a long time.

Previously in Autofill, the stored password in Google’s database for that particular app or website would just float over the text field - sometimes causing inconvenience, and at times not working at all. Now, the saved passwords and usernames are just going to appear in the suggestions tab within the keyboard, as it will make things a lot more easier for users. All major keyboard apps will be able to integrate their software with the algorithm of the Autofill feature used by all the websites so it shows up on their keyboards instead.

The feature has been out in the Beta versions of Android 11, and some users have reported seeing this option on their keyboard apps. It will be interesting to see when the actual feature will come out fully for everyone, but it’s likely that it will only land with the release of Android 11 itself. It’s good to see Google upgrading their technology and improving the user experience constantly.

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