Android Auto Update Arrives - Expected To Fix A Major Issue

Sep 03, 2020 News

Android Auto Update Arrives - Expected To Fix A Major Issue

Google Auto has been a big deal for users in the recent past, as it looks like a great bit of feature for users who are usually busy with their phones because of work-related issues and have to drive a lot as well. Using a phone while driving can be dangerous, and should be avoided at all times. Hence, Google has released Android Auto - basically it gives the computer in the LCD display of your car an Android Software, and you can run Android apps like Google Maps on it and a lot more.

Previously, Android Auto could only be accessed by plugging in a USB cable in the car to your phone, and controlling it in that way. Then after a major update, the feature supported and allowed select Samsung and Google phones to run Android Auto wirelessly. However, now with the upcoming update of Android 11 - as we all wait for its stable release -, all phones running the latest Android OS version will be able to run Android Auto wirelessly.

Google isn’t shy of adding new updates to its apps to make the user experience better overall, and recently it just added a new update to the Android Auto app in the Play Store, termed as the version 5.6 over tha 5.5 previously. After installation and inspection, there was no clear cut defined change in features or looks inside the app, as it all looked identical to the previous version of the app - and considering that Google provided no patch notes as to what the new version will have in store for us, the unclarity goes even further.

However, one issue that a lot of Android Auto users complained about might’ve been fixed by Google in this update - which is the steering wheel call answering button. Previously, users complained about how the buttons to answer and decline calls on the steering wheel would not work with Android Auto, with Google itself taking note of that. It was then rumoured that Google will fix this with a future update, and the current update is the first one to drop after those rumours.

The update could also be just a security patch or something along those lines, or it could also mean that Google has fixed some of the issues that users complained about. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see Google regularly updating the Android Auto app to keep things fresh.

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