Android Auto Customization Tool Comes For Low-End Devices Too

Aug 30, 2020 App News

Android Auto Customization Tool Comes For Low-End Devices Too

Android Auto is a feature that has been around for quite some time now, as it’s allows users with Google Pixel phones, and some Samsung devices to pair their car’s Android functionality with their phone. Previously, this was only available through a USB, and then it came to Pixels and Samsung phones. Now, with the upcoming update of Android 11, it’s going to support every phone running Android 11. However, we’re here to discuss about another app that’s compatible with Android Auto - an app that helps you customize AA to the core, and make it your own little frankenstein of sorts.

Extras For AA is an app that helps you customize a lot on your Android Auto’s OS, including notifications, themes, changing how the status bar looks, or completely removing it. There’s a lot to play with in this software. However, as the app was running on Substratum, it wasn’t supported by older devices which weren’t compatible with Substratum Lite. Now, the developer of the app has announced a new version, called Extras For AA Legacy, which allows even older devices to be compatible, and make use of the features.

The Legacy version is slightly different and limiting as compared to the Standard one, but it still offers tons of customizability features and options, including tweaking the status and notification bars, icons and a lot more. I don’t think users who didn’t have access to this app before will complain about the slightly limiting functionality of the Legacy version of Extras For AA, as they’d rather be glad that the developer made the app available for their versions of Android devices as well.

However, it is to be noted that your phone needs to be rooted for you to make use of the app. Here’s the developer explaining why:

“The thing is Substratum can actually run fine on unrooted Samsung with OneUI, with Synergy, but my themes never worked (Substratum's developer said it's a limitation of Samsung Themes that won't theme Android Auto),” the developer explains his the need of rooting the device.

“From time to time, I try to make it run on the Samsung devices of the remote lab (some devices that Samsung offers to have remote access for testing) but never worked. I just tried with Samsung Remote Lab and seems like the situation is no different, so my themes remain incompatible with Synergy and no root Samsung devices.”

You can download the Legacy version of the app here.

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