Android 12 System Will Turn On 5ghz Band Hotspots By Default

Apr 23, 2021 News

Android 12 System Will Turn On 5ghz Band Hotspots By Default

It's been reported that people who travel frequently have a strong demand for the hotspot function of mobile phones. It can connect our laptops or other devices to the Internet through mobile phones and work at any time and anywhere. It is an essential feature for mobile phones. However, users have reported that they face significant interference problems in concentrated scenarios, especially in the 2.4G frequency band there is serious signal interference, and the speed of the network in use is limited. It also increases the two-way power consumption and affects battery life.

Android 12 system will turn on 5GHz band hotspots by default

Therefore, when we use the hotspot function, it is best to use the 5G band hotspot, which has a fast connection speed and low signal interference. In the latest Android 12 Developer Preview 3 version of the system, Google seems to have fully considered the user experience in this regard, using the 5GHz frequency band as the default option for the hotspot function. Of course, you can still use the 2.4GHz band, but this option is hidden in another submenu of settings.

Android 12 system will turn on 5GHz band hotspots by default 2

In the previous Android 11 system, you can easily choose to use the 2.4GHz band or the 5GHz band hotspot in the hotspot option menu. However, in Android 12 DP3, the option to turn on 2.4GHz is hidden under the "Advanced" drop-down menu. The 2.4GHz function is not mentioned in the function description, indicating that this is to provide "maximum compatibility". And early opening will warn that it may reduce the connection speed, and the battery consumption will be faster.

From a practical point of view, the hotspot experience of the 5GHz frequency band is indeed better than that of 2.4GHz, but the compatibility of the 2.4GHz frequency band is better. Simultaneously, given that some devices can only perform Wi-Fi communication in the 2.4GHz frequency band, the new system Also retains this frequency band support. But perhaps Google believes that under the new device update, the entire industry has only a few devices that only provide 2.4GHz support, and its experience is very different from 5GHz. Therefore, 5GHz is the default option. As for the 2.4GHz frequency band, only A tiny number of users who need to use it will explore this switch.

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