Android 11 Won't Allow You To Change Your Default Camera App

Aug 19, 2020 News

Android 11 Won't Allow You To Change Your Default Camera App

Android 11 has brought along a number of changes with it for users - or rather it will bring along plenty of changes when it does roll out, but we have had a good look at what all might be the features of Android 11 thanks to the Beta 3 that was released a while ago. Most of those changes have been positive, and will improve the overall user experience, whereas some might be taken negatively, and to give preference to one aspect, Android might have to take away the other for users - and not everyone will be satisfied with that.

One of these changes that Google has implemented will be that most apps won’t be able to offer users the chance to choose a default camera app for their usage. What this means is, users won’t be able to download a third party camera app if they prefer to, and will be stuck with the default camera app that their phone comes with. This news was confirmed by Google on their official thread for tracking issues.

This makes Android go against what it’s been all about from the start, and still is - the freedom given to users about customizing their phone the way they want to. The default app choice has been in Android from the start, as users have been able to choose their own default apps for email, browser, music and literally every other thing you could think of. You can even change your default launcher skin, and make your phone look like something completely different. So to hear Android and Google make this decision of restricting the users’ choice in the default camera app is surely disappointing.

Google's reasoning behind this step is simple - to protect the privacy of users and their data, and it’s understandable to a large extent. No one knows what sort of tracking capabilities third party camera apps have these days, and Google is just looking out for the users as it has nothing to lose by making this decision. Moreover, if you want to keep using your Snapchat default camera instead of being rerouted to your phone’s camera app, then you can. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram and more have the option of letting users use their own camera inside the app. This will be the end of worry for most readers up till this point, as most people only worry about the cameras inside their favourite social media apps. Nonetheless, it might cause some eyebrow raises in the crowd against Android.

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