Android 11 Beta Is Officially Out

Jun 11, 2020 News

Android 11 Beta Is Officially Out

Android has been the main choice of Operating System for a lot of smartphone users, as it just offers a lot more customizability and freedom as compared to iOS users. You can download files from the browser, change your default launcher, make personalized widgets a lot more. The only point that Apple users would make against Android is that it isn’t as safe, clean or smooth as iOS and that’s not entirely wrong - that is, until recent years. Android 10 was a massive jump over previous generations of the OS, and it was a complete user interface overhaul in terms of how the whole system would look like. However, on top of that, Android also made sure to provide its users a lot of security in terms of how things operated on their smartphones, and Android 11 seems to be taking a step in the same direction. Although it might not bring a complete design upgrade as the Android 10 did over the 9, it will still feature a lot of upgrades that will definitely improve the user experience and provide security to all mobile devices it runs on. 

Now, we did have some information regarding leaks and rumours about the upcoming Android 11 Beta, as it had arrived to several Pixel 4 users a few months ago. However, yesterday the beta was released publicly, and we now have an official list of all the new features the latest Android version is going to come with. We have made a list of several major upgrades that Android 11 has brought with itself to just the Pixel lineup of phones for now. 

Increased Touch Sensitivity

This has been a feature that’s been long overdue for users, especially those who use a screen protector on their devices. Phones will screen protectors usually have a naturally lowered sensitivity because of having another layer of glass sitting on top of the screen. Thus, it can get harder to scroll or navigate through the device. The option of increasing the sensitivity will help with this problem, and will ultimately sit well with users who have a protection layer on their phones. 

Built-in Screen Recording

This feature isn’t as important for mobile devices, especially in 2020, as almost every smartphone has its own native screen recording that it comes with. However, with Android 11, you’ll be getting a screen recording feature built in the OS, and maybe if it works better than your phone’s own version, then it could be an advantage.

Notification Log

This one is going to be pretty useful amongst users. Android 11 is going to come with a Notification Log, that will store all your notifications inside it. Previously, when you swiped away a notification, consciously or not, it would go away forever and that would result in many missed messages and reminders. However, in the latest Android version, these swiped notifications will sit in a Notification Log, which will contain all your notification history in one place.

Disabling Notification Sounds While Making A Video

It can be pretty irritating when you’re shooting a video of an important moment, and suddenly it gets ruined by a silly notification sound from WhatsApp. That’s why Android 11 has taken notice, and has provided users with the option to turn off notification sounds from apps while filming a video. 

Media Resumption

The media resumption option takes the media player on which you’re listening to songs to the quick settings menu now. Seen in the developer settings, once you enable the media resumption toggle, the media player will shift from the notification bar to share the real estate with the quick settings options which we see on top, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. The media player will be in one column, and the settings in another; upon scrolling down once more, the player will take its place up top, with the settings below it. 

Sensitivity Sliders For Gestures

Gestures have been a subjective topic for most users; some like it, some don’t. Most of the critics of gesture navigation dislike it because of the gesture for going back. Swiping from the left or right can trigger the in-app navigation rather than the system’s, and that serves as a nuisance. To address this issue, Android has included the option to adjust the sensitivity of swiping from either left or right, so you can choose whatever level of swiping intensity you’re comfortable with. 

Airplane Mode Doesn’t Turn Off Bluetooth

We’re surprised how this wasn’t a feature all along in Android, as bluetooth is used for various purposes in flights, one of which is using bluetooth headphones/earphones. Now Android 11 will prevent this from happening, as turning on Airplane Mode won’t affect the usage of bluetooth, as it can be turned on or off as per the user.

These are only a few of the new features and improvements coming to Android 11, with lots of other tweaks in different areas of the OS, including for developers. Yes it won’t look like a big upgrade over Android 10, but it will surely provide a reliable user experience.

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