Android 11 Beta Is Now On 13 Devices

Jul 14, 2020 News

Android 11 Beta Is Now On 13 Devices

Android 11 is going to be the latest version of the popular OS, and it’s likely going to arrive first on the upcoming Pixel phones in 2020 since Google is the major developer contributing to Android. The 11th iteration of Android isn’t out yet, and we only have the beta versions of Android 11 at our disposal currently, and only a few devices support it. Previously, for a long time, only Pixel devices had access to Android 11 beta versions, with other phones missing out. However, OnePlus soon became the first manufacturer apart from Google to get the Android 11 beta programme on its phones. Currently there are 13 phones that support the beta programme, from a list of 7 manufacturers.

Here’s the list of companies with their respective phones that support the Android 11 beta programme:








Android 11 isn’t going to feature a complete revamp of the design UI or things of that sort; it’s just going to bring some efficiency improvements and bring little changes to the software that will enhance the overall phone usage experience for users. We hope to see the beta reach more devices in the future, including ones that lie in the mid range region, which usually has the biggest user base out of all price segments in the smartphone market.

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