Android 11 Beta 3 Rolls Out: Final Version Of The Beta

Aug 07, 2020 News

Android 11 Beta 3 Rolls Out: Final Version Of The Beta

Android 11 has been in the works for quite some time now, as it’s been months since we’ve been getting updates about beta programmes for the latest and upcoming OS. We covered the Android 11 Beta 1 and Beta 2, and now the organization has announced on their Google blog that Beta 3 is finally out as well, as it’s going to be the final version of Android 11 before the official and stable release comes out in the upcoming weeks. The 3rd version of the Beta is available for Pixel users ranging from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4 series, with the addition of Pixel 4a coming soon as well.

The update isn’t really much oriented towards users, as there aren’t any such major upgrades on the user side of things. It’s more so made for the developers to test out their apps and make sure they’ve finalized the process of making their apps and games compatible with the new foundation of Android 11, and all the new parameters that Android and Google laid down. This is also important because the new security features introduced in the upcoming Android version such as the “one time permission” option will need developers to optimize their apps accordingly to accommodate these features.

Android 11 is in its final phase, and once Google confirms that all developers are on board the new system and have optimized their apps as such as well, then they will roll out the stable version of Android 11 globally for everyone to use. The amount given to developers has been ample enough, and now with Beta 3, we have an almost exact replica of what we’ll get to see on our stable version of Android 11. You can get on the Beta 3 update here if you have a Pixel device. 

Source: Android's Official Blog

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