Android 11 Beta 2 Is Now Live

Jul 09, 2020 News

Android 11 Beta 2 Is Now Live

Android seems to be ever so close in releasing their 11th version of the OS, as they just released Android 11 Beta 2 for Google’s Pixel lineup of devices. The early release came as a surprise to some, but it’s understandable considering what Android has in mind in their plans to keep developers ready for the changes coming along with the new Android 11 OS. This 2nd Beta that’s been released for Android 11 is likely going to be the closest we’ll get to the actual global stable release of the upcoming Android OS version.

Typically, developers would only have the actual Android OS to work with after it was released, to implement all their APIS and optimize their apps and games accordingly to that. However, with an increasingly growing security concern with digital technologies, Android 11 has a lot of features catered to security, such as having the option to give the permission for location only once. Apps will also not have the freedom to check the storage or data of other apps. These updates will have to be accordingly dealt with by developers, and they will need to make sure that their apps comply to all these new rules perfectly.

If you want to read about some of the major new features coming to Android 11, then check our article out. The Android 11 Beta 2 is live now for all Pixel devices as far back as the Pixel 2.

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