Amazfit GTS Smartwatch Review: Almost A Perfect Watch

Jun 19, 2020 Reviews

Amazfit GTS Smartwatch Review: Almost A Perfect Watch

Amazfit is one of those smartwatch companies that you’ve either heard a lot about, or haven’t heard at all about them. It’s just about the interest of the user and their research being based on that. If you aren’t really a tech freak, or interested in those areas on the market, the only smartwatch you’ve heard of is the Apple Watch, or if we’re pushing it further, then maybe the Samsung Watch series as well. However, that’s where it would end and that would be the knowledge most people would have regarding smartwatches.

But, if you’re an enthusiast, and like to research, then it’s likely that you’ve heard about Amazfit and their products in the business as well. We have covered the Amazfit T-Rex as well, and now it’s time to talk about their high-end model, being the GTS. Let’s hop into our review to see what it’s all about.


The design aspect of the watch is probably its biggest plus point, as the Amazfit GTS looks every bit as premium as the Apple Watch 5. Not only does it match the Apple Watch in terms of looking premium, but also matches a lot of what the Apple Watch looks like itself. The same rounded corner boxy design, with top of the line straps, and overall luxury dripping out the look of the watch. Amazfit has done a great job in replicating the way Apple makes their watches, and doing it just as good, if not better in the design department. The watch doesn’t only look the part, but also feels top-notch as well, something which is difficult to find in 150 dollar smartwatches.


The display of the Amazfit GTS is amazing as well, with a 1.65” OLED display that gets plenty bright outdoors, and provides punchy and vibrant colors which are a joy to look at. Moreover, the screen has a higher ppi than the Apple Watch Series 5 even, with 341 ppi, compared to Apple’s 326. This is a commendable feat achieved by Amazfit and we appreciate the effort they’ve put into making sure the watch looks fabulous.


In terms of how well it performs under practical circumstances, then it's a bittersweet situation, as the GTS has some decent features, but also fails in other crucial aspects. Talking about the positives, the GTS has excellent GPS functionality, as it is extremely accurate and delivers pinpoint location, and all activities related to the sensor have been up to the mark as well. The always-on heart rate sensor is also a good feature, as you can always be informed about how your blood circulation is looking.

However, it has some bad features that limit the smartwatch capabilities to that of a higher-end smart band. For starters, the sleep tracking sensor is flawed, as it will only track you if you sleep within the sleep times that are pre-set in the watch. We don’t understand why this limitation has been implemented, but it’s there. Moreover, the step tracker can be inconsistent and inaccurate too, and will more likely than not miss your steps if they’re made inside your home. You will be able to receive phone notifications on your watch, but there isn’t any option to reply to them which is a bummer. You also can’t integrate your watch with third party apps, so no Spotify control for you. These features should be a part of the watch, because when a person is paying 150$ for a wrist watch, they’ll expect it to have all the functions up and running - especially considering the type of competition Amazfit has to go against.


Battery life is great on the Amazfit GTS, as you can easily get 10-14 days of use in one charge depending on the usage rate of your watch. This is much better than most of the competition in the market, and Amazfit clearly ends up on top in this situation.


You could definitely buy this watch if you just want it to track your jogging activity and control music from your watch. It serves top-tier looks and feel, and could easily be mistaken to cost double the price it comes with. It just misses out on few of the features that are key in a good smartwatch, and we wish Amazfit could deliver on that too.

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