All Devices With Android 11 To Support Android Auto Wirelessly

Aug 20, 2020 News

All Devices With Android 11 To Support Android Auto Wirelessly

With the list of new features and updates coming with Android 11, a lot of things have been waited on by users eagerly. Yes, Google hasn’t really worked on changing the overall design UI that much with the Android 11 update, but several little features have been included that make the user experience better. One such feature that will be available to users from now is going to be the support for Android Auto.

Android Auto has been around for a long time in cars, as previously it was only possible to use it via USB to your car’s stereo - but around 2 years ago, the wireless functionality was also brought into existence by Android, as devices were finally able to connect to Android Auto without the use of a wire. However, that was made available only for certain phones, particularly only Samsung and Google devices.

Now, Google has updated their support page and has added valuable information about the functionality of Android Auto, its features and what it will be able to do, along with how to make use of it. This page also included what phones will be able work with Android Auto wirelessly - and it had a key statement which said that any phone running Android 11 will be compatible with Android Auto wirelessly. Moreover, Android 10 and 9 phones will also support Android Auto, but only select devices from Samsung and Google.

Here’s the list of the things that Google mentioned:

This list clearly shows that any phone, be it from Xiaomi or OnePlus, will be able to support Android Auto fully as long as it’s running on Android 11. This in theory should also mean that all devices on the Android One programme will support it too once they get their update to the latest upcoming OS from Android. It also says that the devices should be physically capable of supporting 5GHz wireless transfer - which would also limit some users in the EU, Japan and Russia as it’s disallowed for people to use that range of internet in cars.

It’s great to see this sort of support for other devices as well, since we all know the future is wireless. It will go well with the wireless technologies that car manufacturers like BMW are opting for in their upcoming models.

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