Alcatel 1 SE Released In Pakistan

Jul 13, 2020 News

Alcatel 1 SE Released In Pakistan

Back in the days, it wasn’t really possible to get good phones in the mid range segment of the smartphone market. We’d usually have to spend flagship level of money, or wait a couple of years before the price of those phones dropped, so we could buy them. A lot of that has changed with time, as now the mid range market has gotten so unbelievably competitive, that we keep seeing phones topping one another, and consumers are winning in every imaginable way. However, it won’t be long till the shift seen in the mid range segment of the mobile market comes to the budget range as well, as we’ll see great value devices in the budget range not so far away from now.

Alcatel is one such low-key phone manufacturer that works on budget phones, and that’s why it’s more famous in South Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. With the recent model being the Alcatel 1 SE just released in Pakistan, the company is trying to penetrate the budget mobile segment and get some users on its platform sooner than later. The device itself isn’t half bad, as the design is of a typical mid range device from a year or two back, with the same oval-ish camera module at the top left, with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner along with it. You get a water-drop notch at the front, and a chunky chin at the bottom of the screen as well. The phone will feature a Unisoc chipset, which won’t really do wonders for performance, but it will be adequate. You will be getting a 4GB/64GB setup though, with a 4000 mAh battery cell as well - all of which is impressive at the price.

We don’t know if users will prefer to go for Alcatel over the likes of Xiaomi, Realme and Huawei at the budget segment, but it seems like a good opportunity to try out the new company, and maybe allow it to develop further and give us great value phones in the future. The Alcatel 1 SE is currently starting at 18,500 Pakistani Rupees. 

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