After AnTuTu Ban From Google, Several Clones Emerge On Play Store

Aug 21, 2020 App News

After AnTuTu Ban From Google, Several Clones Emerge On Play Store

Antutu is a benchmark testing app, and one of the most popular ones around, as it gives devices a score which reciprocates the performance of that phone - although the accuracy isn’t as precise. Earlier this year, all the apps from Antutu that were on the Google Play Store were removed by Google - as the tech giant cracked down on most apps that came under Cheetah Mobile, and apparently Antutu is also owned by CM as well. Google also issued warnings to users about security threats when they tried to open the APK of Antutu.

Since the crackdown and removal of Antutu’s benchmark apps from the Play Store, dozens of other fake clones have emerged by different developers, claiming to be the real deal but obviously none of them are. They have even ripped off and copied the logo of Antutu - altering it ever so slightly to make it a bit different.

The last time such clones surfaced on Google’s app platform relating to a major app/game, it was Fortnite which was the target, as different developers started copying its name and logo and created fake games to lure users in. Google on that occasion was quick to take action against the perpetrators, and to remove all the clones and copycats from the Play Store to make sure there’s no breach of copyrights or any such issues. They haven’t been able to do something about Antutu’s clones as of yet - maybe because they aren’t violating any particular rules, or perhaps they haven’t come to the notice of the Google team till now.

If you do want to test your phone’s benchmarks yourself, you can still download Antutu’s APK from their website, or go to APKmirror which has the official APK as well. Google still warns against the download of Antutu as they’ve violated privacy laws, and that the app might be harmful for the user all in all.

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