Advanced Search Coming To Whatsapp Beta On Android

Aug 06, 2020 App News

Advanced Search Coming To Whatsapp Beta On Android

Whatsapp has been releasing new features for their app recently, with the dark mode coming to the platform, and plenty of more security features to make the app safer for the user base. These features have been catered to make the overall experience better for the users on the biggest social media app on mobile phones. Now it’s coming out with a new feature known as “advanced search”, as it will do exactly what the name suggests, allowing you to search deep through your media with certain contacts.

Whatsapp’s new feature will be made available for the beta programme for Whatsapp, for which you need to be enrolled in to get your hands on the beta versions of the app. It was already available on the beta version for iOS, and months later, it’s finally here for Android users as well. If you don’t have the update on your phone, you can just uninstall Whatsapp from your phone and reinstall it again to get the latest version of the app. Whatsapp has also brought in a new feature which will allow you to password protect your backup files inside the app.

Having the title of the biggest social media app means you need to provide regular updates to improve the experience for users on a regular basis - and Whatsapp is doing just that. Lastly, the developers are also working on an update to stop auto-downloading forwarded media, which has been a thing of irritation for a lot of users. We don’t know when the update is going to roll out officially, but we can expect it later this year.

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