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Aug 02, 2021

A Popular Analogue Of Google Play - APKPure Is Infected With A Trojan

Apr 13, 2021 App News

A Popular Analogue Of Google Play - APKPure Is Infected With A Trojan

All Android users know what the Google Play Store is and recognize it as their primary place to download apps. But it's not the only app store. Among the most popular sites are APKPure and open source-oriented F-Droid. But are they safe? It turns out that APKPure is infected recently.

A few days ago, Kaspersky reported that APKPure, which offers free or shareware, is infected. Although the developers of this application store prove that all programs on their platform are scanned and secure, it turns out that they did not do this for the APKPure program itself.


The developers of the program used an ad SDK from an unverified source, and it was malicious. APKPure version 3.17.18 received a Trojan. So when it starts, it unpacks and launches its malicious load. The latter will be the most dangerous part. It turns out that this malware can show ads on a locked screen, open browser tabs, collect information about the device and download another malware.

Since the latter part is the most dangerous activity, you should know that in addition to infecting Trojans, other malware and Trojan viruses that your device downloads depend on several factors: the version of Android and how regularly the phone receives security updates. For example, if your smartphone runs on Android 8 and you download the program from APKPure version 3.17.18, most likely, your phone will be infected.

It Is Already Fixed!

However, the developers of APKPure have already fixed this in the latest version of the program, 3.17.19. So if you're still using a previous version, uninstall it immediately and scan your phone with malware protection software.

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