A Closer Look At The Upcoming Galaxy Watch 3

Jun 26, 2020 News

A Closer Look At The Upcoming Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung has been the leading smartphone manufacturer on the Android side for quite some time now, only recently being taken over by Huawei in sales because of the Coronavirus outbreak. However, smartphones isn’t the only branch Samsung has been dominating, because it has been on top of the smartwatch race for quite some time now as well, with its watches being the only real competitor to Apple Watch series. Android released its Wear OS for select watches to utilize, but Samsung makes use of its own OS which is called Tizen, and it has surely held its own against Android in this case.

Last year’s Galaxy Active Watch 2 was impressive to say the least in its own regard, with great functionality and features like heart rate monitoring, 3rd party app integration and even ECG scanning in the Korean versions of the watches, with the latter expected on the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3. Even the missing dial on the 2nd iteration of the Galaxy Watches will be brought back on the upcoming Galaxy Watch. We are going to get 2 versions of the watch, one with a 1.2” display size, and the other with a 1.4” one. Both watches are going to have varying sizes, battery units and weights.

We have gotten images of what the watch faces will look like and it seems like a good progression that Samsung has made on the watch, as the faces look sleek and modern. It’s likely that the Korean giant is going to unveil the watch around next month with the Galaxy Fold 2, but nothing’s confirmed as of yet and we can’t do much but wait.

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