5 Useful Android 10 Features You Should Use

Jun 08, 2020 News

5 Useful Android 10 Features You Should Use

Android is the most popular and most used Operating System in mobile phones worldwide. The only direct competitor to Android could be considered Apple’s iOS, but in terms of sales, the comparison is very one-sided because of the fact that iOS is only on Apple devices, whereas all other phones such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and all the other major players in the game use Android. Due to this, Android has been taking great steps to ensure it gives its users the best experience with software updates and improvements. Such has been the case with the release of Android 10, as it gives users a lot of nifty little features which can come in handy, and we’ll list 5 of our favourite ones in this article. 

Dark Mode 

Dark mode is definitely the most popular feature in Android 10, and is used by the majority of people who are aware of it. You can turn the Dark Mode on from the settings, or the notification bar from top, and it will turn your whole UI into a dark themed version. Although this doesn’t turn dark mode on within the supported apps, such as WhatsApp, as well like in iOS, you can do that by going inside those apps individually. 

Notification Management

Android 10 also allows the option to individually manage your notifications from each app. Yes, there’s a general option which makes less important notifications to push to the bottom such as a screenshot being taken, and keeping the notifications from apps on top. You can tweak these by going into the app settings of each app, and set what you want for that app. For example, if you want notifications from a specific social media app to pop-up but not vibrate, then you can do that. Before, you had to set silent for all the app notifications instead of having the ability to change that for chosen apps. Now you can do that with Android 10. 

Focus Mode

The focus mode is a productivity tool provided in Android 10 which has a work mode option available. The work mode, when enabled allows you to use only selected apps which you choose such as calculator and other apps that are useful while working or studying. The other apps will all turn grey and become unusable till you turn off the focus mode. This is great for getting rid of distractions while working or studying. 

Smart Replies

This feature’s name is pretty self-explanatory as to what it means, as it basically suggests smart replies to texts you get. When you get a text notification, you can swipe down to get the notification bar, and under the message preview, you get several smart reply options which you can utilize to instantly message back that person without even typing. 

Sharing WiFi Through QR Codes

You can easily share your WiFi with a friend or relative without having to tell them the password on Android 10. No more awkward and elongated conversations about whether or not the password is uppercase or lowercase; now you can just head on to WiFi in settings, and then go to QR code, and you can generate your QR code for your friend to scan and they’ll be connected to your internet in no time! 

These are some of the new features on Android 10, and we know Android 11 is going to be even better. We hope to see the OS improve as they release every new version as it has in the past. 

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