5 Of The Best RPG Games For Android In 2020

Jun 22, 2020 Games

5 Of The Best RPG Games For Android In 2020

Gaming has become increasingly popular on mobile phones, as they started from small games that would barely take 100MBs on a phone, and now are over a couple of GBs easily. This is because of the demanding graphics these developers are using inside their mobile games, because mobile processors have gotten extremely powerful as well, and they’re trying to utilize their full potential. This global lockdown has resulted in boredom for a lot of people, and that’s why they’re relying on games to pass time as going out isn’t an option anymore. When talking about games, pure RPG games are one of the most popular genres in games there is. Games like The Elder Scrolls Series, and Dark Souls have accumulated plenty of respect and attention from gamers all around the world. For that reason, we’re going to talk about 5 of the best RPG games you can get on your mobile device in 2020!

Pascal’s Wager 

This game is the true definition of console-like graphics on a pocket device. Pascal’s Wager seems like it’s Dark Souls for mobile phones, as it features a similar world design, and characters are just as monstrous and evil as you’d expect in the Dark Souls series. Another thing it takes inspiration from the classic console RPG game is the difficulty level, because Pascal’s Wager also consists of many ways you can get killed, and for you to play smartly and skillfully at all times if you want to avoid dying by your enemies repeatedly. Yes it’s paid and requires 4 bucks for you to download the whole game, but we think it deserves the price tag because of the quality of gameplay that it has.

Dungeon Hunter 5  

Dungeon Hunter has been, for quite some time, the most popular RPG game on mobile phones. It’s a successful series by Gameloft, and has gained a lot of love and attention from users. It consists of the same hack-and-slash type of combat that many other RPGs have, but the game just looks a lot better than most of its competition. The game focuses heavily on the armor and weapons of the players, as it suits them up with unrealistic, yet bad-ass looking armor which players can upgrade in-game. You get to fight waves and waves of enemies in the campaign mode, or you can choose the PvP mode and fight other players in real-time.


Exilium Games really outdid themselves with AnimA, a great solo RPG game which consists of decent graphics and extremely smooth gameplay. The Italian developer made sure that the game works well in all departments, and that players will be able to experience the seamless transitions in between different areas of the game. You can hop between talking to NPCs, travelling between worlds and fighting monsters and it will all seem effortless. Add the original Italian voice-overs to that, and you have a unique game at your hand which you’ll have a great time playing.