5 Great Alternatives To PUBG Mobile In 2020

Jun 22, 2020 Games

5 Great Alternatives To PUBG Mobile In 2020

Battle Royale is probably the most popular game genre these days, be it in console or mobile devices. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and recently CoD Warzone have taken the world by storm, as they account for most of the daily gaming user base. Whereas games like NBA 2K and FIFA are still popular and have massive online communities, they’re still somewhat behind in daily user count when compared to these battle royale titles. However, users may get bored of playing in the same maps, and using the same in-game mechanics again and again, and that’s why we have 5 different alternatives that you can try on your mobile devices and will have fun playing them too.

Rules Of Survival

Rules Of Survival is one of the oldest battle royale games on mobile stores, and that’s the reason it has such a huge fan base and community around it. It had a lot of pro players on the platform back in the day, and still is a widely acclaimed game to this day. It has great gameplay, and features a massive map with up to 300 people falling inside in one go. That means more combat, and less waiting for opponents to show up for the first 15 minutes of the match. This is a reliable alternative if you want a PUBG-like experience with slight differences.

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG)

This game features a cheesy name, and calls itself PUBG as well, but just a pixelated version of the battle royale classic. The game follows suit with its name choice, and is full of fun, where you can choose lots of different outfits for your characters and more. It takes away the stressful part of winning an intense battle royale game, and retains the fun aspect, as you’ll have a great time with friends playing this title. The whole world, the terrain and your character is pixelated, and it’s just a different approach to the usual games in this genre, and we definitely appreciate the unique way this game is developed.

Ride Out Heroes