5 Best Games Of The Week!

Aug 07, 2020 Games

5 Best Games Of The Week!

Mobile gaming has become - in certain segments and games - more popular than console gaming even, with millions of users playing different games on a daily - either to spend time with friends or to just simply pass time. Keeping that in mind, developers have also tried to make their games worthwhile and captivating to the audience so they can grow in numbers, since now is a time where mobile gaming is on a spike. However, if you can’t seem to find the right type of game for you, we’ve curated a list of 5 games that are likely to interest you, and you’ll download at least one of them in your phone.

Super Glitch Dash


This game is an endless runner where you’ll have to swipe at the right time to dodge and move through obstacles to continue your run. It’s a great time pass game, and won’t require much effort as well.

Gun Rounds

This is a game where you take turns shooting the enemy and vice versa, as you fight to the end in an old-school, almost Pokemon type of combat system. The game is two-toned in visuals, and has great retro music playing in the background to add to the mood.

Guardian Tales

Another one for the RPG old-school titles, Guardian Tales combines an 8-bit animation style with an RPG, adventure type of gameplay offered in the game, where you have to deal with currencies, fight monsters and all the fun of a usual RPG game.


The game is exactly what the name suggests, just go! You get a collection of 20 mini-games inside the app, which you can play with friends locally with up to 16 players. It’s fun, it’s quick and it’s addictive. You can even unlock more mini-games by watching ads inside the app.


The console and PC based game is finally on mobile as well, as Ubisoft has done a great job in replicating the console based version for mobile devices. You can even crossplay between all platforms to keep up that level of competition, and pay for extra characters if you’re that serious about the game.

These are the 5 games of the week you should try out just for fun and we guarantee you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time!


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