4 Of The Hottest Game Topics Of The Week

Aug 17, 2020 Games

4 Of The Hottest Game Topics Of The Week

There’s always so much happening daily in the tech world that it can get difficult to keep up with all of it regularly. Especially in these times with the coronavirus around us, almost every major company in the world has been affected, and that’s bound to bring up news in the tech community. In the thought of making it easy for people to be caught up with the latest information about what’s happening around us, we’ve compiled a list of 4 of the hottest news in the tech world, related to gaming - since it attracts huge amounts of users.

Subway Surfers Reaches 3 Billion Dollars On Google Play Store

Subway Surfers is the most downloaded game in the world on the Google Play Store, and it has finally crossed the 3 Billion milestone on the Android side, as it keeps breaking records. It’s not just the only game with 3 Billion downloads, but also the only game which has over a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. It must be a thing of immense pride for Kiloo Games - the developer behind the endless runner.

Gamers In China Will Be Required To Log In With Their Real Names

China has imposed a new rule that will be effective from September, that will require all gamers in China to use their real names to log in when playing their favourite games. This is due to the strictness of the Chinese government, and them wanting to track the game time each gamer is having.

Subway Surfers’ Founder Hires Jeremy Stein From Gram Games

Jeremy Stein who used to work as the VP of Product at Gram Games, heading Merge Dragons!, is now hired by Sybo, who’s the founder of Subway Surfers. He’s been appointed to head their branch in Copenhagen to manage their dealings from there.

Voodoo Offers $100,000 And A Publishing Contract To The Winner Of Their Competition

Voodoo is one of the most popular game developers around right now, and they’ve started a new competition for other developers to make an endless runner - with the best one getting a cash prize of a whopping 100,000 dollars, and a publishing contract along with it.

These were the biggest news in the gaming community for the past week, and Subway Surfers seem to be making big moves. Follow us for more regular updates on games and other apps.

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