4 Of The Best Websites For Downloading APKs

Sep 02, 2020 App News

4 Of The Best Websites For Downloading APKs

Sometimes, you might not be able to download an app you really want to try from the Play Store. There might be certain reasons for this, one of which can be that the app is just not available in your region. There can be multiple ways to download an app without getting it from the Google Play Store - with APKs being the most popular way to do it. APKs are just the data of an app which you can download to sideload the app from your phone. There are plenty of websites that you can download APKs from - but some might end up downloading a virus on your phone instead of an app. So here is a list of 4 APK websites that you can use to download your APKs safely.



This is the undisputed king of the APK game. What’s the best part of this website is that it’s actually owned by the same team behind the much popular tech news source Android Police - so you know it’s authentic. The security process that goes into publishing an APK is pretty strict on this website too - this means that the team at APKMirror first checks the validity of the APK with the developer, and checks the cryptographic signatures to make sure it’s the real deal. Bottomline is, you won’t get any modded or fake APKs here as they’re all validated and verified first by the moderators before posting them. Moreover, if the app you’ve downloaded from APKMirror receives a real time update on Google Play Store, it will automatically get uploaded on your APK file too.



APKPure is the direct competitor to APKMirror, as they both use similar robust security patterns and processes. In addition to checking cryptographic signatures with previous app versions, APKPure’s team also uses SHA1 to make sure the security certificate is official. You won’t get any modded APKs on this website as well due to the security measures that are taken by the team.



Another great APK downloading platform - instead this is an app you can download from the Play Store. Aptoide has over 200 million users on the platform, and has seen 6 billion downloads from their APK store. The only issue - or one that might not be a problem for you - is that you will find modded APKs as the libraries are made by users too. However, a wide variety of apps and a great UI makes this a decent pick for downloading APKs.

APK Downloader

apk store

We won’t really prefer this over the other three on this list, but let’s say if you couldn’t use the other two for some reason, this is a viable option too. APK Downloaded gets its APKs directly from the Play Store, so you won’t really have to worry about the authenticity.

Whatever platform you use to download an APK, just make sure you know what you’re doing and you inspect the app properly before going for the download. Your security is in your own hands!

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