2021 To Bring First Growth In Smartphone Market Since 2017

Oct 07, 2020 News

2021 To Bring First Growth In Smartphone Market Since 2017

Smartphones have been getting better year after year, as there are much more powerful phones in the market right now compared to a year or two ago. Some phones in their current stage could even be considered more powerful than most laptops of this generation. There has been a huge shift in the dynamics of the market as well, as cheaper smartphones have gotten a lot better, and good smartphones have gotten cheaper. However, despite everything going positively for the smartphone market, why has it been on a gradual decline after the year of 2017?

Well, there are several factors - some that could be understood clearly, some that can’t be. Well, the first thing to consider would be that most people would buy a smartphone and try to make it last for at least a couple of years or more - so the number of recurring consumers annually aren’t that high. This year could’ve the year to pick it back up, but then we all know the situation with the coronavirus, and how all that affected sales.

Now, it’s been reported by analysts that 2021 is going to bring almost a double digit growth in the smartphone market - at 9.9% expected. The rapid growth in the 5G technology could be a major factor into this, as all stakeholders responsible in the supply side of the market are doing their best to make sure 5G is going to be an everyday usage thing for consumers in 2021. Phones with 5G chipsets inside are getting much cheaper - as we saw Vivo recently release a 5G phone for 150 dollars.

Chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm have also been introducing 5G in mid range and now even budget range SoCs, as Qualcomm also announced a new budget range of Snapdragon 400 series which will have 5G modems installed.

Huawei is expected to decline in terms of sales, as the US sanctions are getting the best of the Chinese  powerhouse. Samsung will likely remain on top, thanks to its frequent releases of different series of smartphones - mostly in the mid range segment which gets the most attention out of any.

All in all, 2021 is going to be a good year for phones!

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