16 Best Android Phone Launchers to Customize your Phone in 2021

Dec 11, 2020 News

16 Best Android Phone Launchers to Customize your Phone in 2021

The battle between Android and iOS about the best phone OS has been happening since a long time, as users from both sides make their case about their own OS in their phones. Meanwhile there are positives and negatives about both Operating Systems, one thing that Android excels in is customizability - and perhaps the biggest option for optimization comes from Android launchers, and we’re here to bring you 16 of the best launchers in the game right now!

Nova Launcher

nova launcher

Nova is the undisputed king of Android launchers without a doubt, as it brings about that sort of simplicity, ease of use along with all of those customization options for third party apps and developers. You get a stock Android type of build without any sort of customization done in the start, and you can do a lot to build up on that, including adding widgets, different icon packs, and whatnot.

Action Launcher

action launcher

Action is a great alternative option for an Android launcher if you need one, and it has a lot under its sleeve as well. You get plenty of customization options just like in Nova launcher, but you also get several speeding up features in this launcher, as Action capitalizes on its Quick lineup of options, with Quicktheme, Quickbar and more. By now, it’s pretty clear that Action is one of the fastest launchers around as well, so you can expect a smooth experience with this one.

Smart Launcher S

smart launchers

The Smart launcher has been around in the Android marketplace for quite a while now, but it wasn’t really considered a good option until the S variant was released, specifically because of how its home screen layout works which seems to have intrigued a lot of users. With the Smart Launcher S, you can customize and move icons around on your home screen without depending on a grid, as you can move them around wherever you want. The launcher is also plenty clean, and looks decent all over.

Blackberry Launcher